the documentation of thoughts

The idea of starting a blog has been on my mind for quite some time now. I always wanted to write a diary but until today, the little black book I bought still only has one entry from about three years ago in it. What I started doing around the same time, though, was to write longer texts about my thoughts and philosophical views, which I saved in a folder on my desktop named ‘thoughts’, but never looked at again afterwards. This led me to an important question, namely “Why was I doing this?”.

I suppose my initial motivation stemmed from my inherent fear of forgetting, unlearning, going one step forward and two steps back, so to speak. Until a while ago, I felt a strong need to document my thoughts in order not to lose them and stop progressing as a person. Luckily, I have since then realised that we can never go back in life and that every experience, be it negative or positive, inevitably contributes to our personal growth. As a result, I stopped worrying about my personal degeneration and began to enjoy beautiful moments and inspiring thoughts without asking myself why a certain situation made me happy or how I could recreate a joyous feeling in the future, which was ultimately an attempt to identify a pattern of stimuli that would dictate specific moods in order to create a guidebook for my own self-manipulation. Without the need to cement moments and thoughts in history, the use of a diary all of a sudden seemed entirely unnecessary and even counterproductive because I felt that dwelling on my past experiences would make me lose focus of the present.

However, I have only recently really come to understand how important the reciprocal exchange of personal thoughts and ideas with others is. Even though I have always engaged with a great number of people, I kept the questions that concerned me the most to myself, thinking that I would first have to figure them out for myself or that others wouldn’t be able to assist me with them. Only with time I realised that essentially all of us are concerned with very similar things in life and how invaluable a new perspective on an idea can be.

Some of my friends and people that inspire me started writing blogs about their experiences in life which have since had a real impact on my own development and showed me that truly ‘personal’ interpersonal exchange can also happen via the internet and social media. Because of them, I decided to start this project.

I hope that this blog of my personal thoughts and experiences will not only provide me with a source of self-reflection but also establish a personal exchange of ideas with others, stimulate interesting thoughts and create folders on their desktops.


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